Webspace problems

Heya everybody,

like I announced during the last comics I already have a webspace problem now. An due to some personal health problems :doh: :frowning: I won’t be able to continue the comic stuff in the future. So I now planned to publish a few more comics :clap: :slight_smile: and then you can download all comics for a little time. But then after a few weeks/months I will put them offline. :iagree: So as long as you can … download the comics if you haven’t done it already. I’m sorry and a little sad for myself but it has been a long time… since the end of 2001 I’ve published them.

So any suggestions for those last comics? ^^ :wink:

Alex “Rylex”

I don’t want you to stop.
If I had any webspace, it was yours. :iagree:

How did your appointment with the doctor (26th of April right) go?

I need to stop the comic-stuff sooner than I thought. Because the comics are on a friend’s server at the moment and this server will shutdown soon!

I would like to provide a big ZIP-file with all comics here. So if anybody has 25 MB webspace and would like to host all the comics then please answer here. I have no choice but to delete them from the other server during the next weeks. So please hurry up :iagree: :clap:

The doctor appointment was OK but not the way I would have liked it.

why not get them published in a book format??

What about rapidshare.com or a similar free file hoster for the .zip pack?

Yeah if anybody here could arrange that then I would be thankful…
Like I said the zipfile is 50 MB approx.

You can upload it Alex simply use www.rapidshare.com and post the link here.

OK guys… here’s the very important link you’ve all been waiting for…


And the file is 25 MB approx…

Thanks Alex!

:slight_smile: I will take the comic website offline during the next week.
If you want the comics please download the big file mentioned above.

Thanks Alex.

I still hope you can proceed making comics in the (near) future. :iagree:

ill host ure comics if u like :slight_smile: i have a dedi web server u can have some space on running out though only got 11 gig hdd space left :doh: :bigsmile:

That is indeed an a great offer.
Can you try to “import” the old comics from the zip-file mentioned above?

yup sure ill do that for u tonight matey post link etc later on :slight_smile:

If it still wouldn’t work out you could try to make a free account at hostfreeweb.info. They offer 100MB webspace with 1GB Bandwith per month for entirely free.

OK I’m waiting for the details :slight_smile: write me a PM here (I think this works best)