Websites/programs for divx?

is there any websites or programs to download divx? i’m pretty new to the whole divx scene… i cant really find much on morpheus.

You find them on a normal site… I suggest you check out so-called FXP-boards where DivX is very populair. I can’t help you with links though since I don’t really know them. Use a searchengine or use the Search on this forum on FXP.

Morpheus works pretty good for me. Be sure to search on video files, type: movie and size: At least 550.000 Kb (maybe even higher). Then do a search on DVD or DivX. This will get you some good results!

For help and information concerning ripping, encoding and that sort of magical stuff,
please visit

Those sites have alot of info concerning Divx, VCD’s, encoding.
and lots of useful ideas.!!