Website translation into German, Italian, French and/or Spanish



I was wondering if someone could help me out on translating my website in language mentioned above.

The site doesn’t contain that much text. Help is really appreciated! :smiley:

#2 :confused:


I’ve tried the automatic online translaters, but some translations of words and sentences will probably not be very well. I prefer human translators :slight_smile:


Come one people, help Igua out…
I would if I could…but my German, Italian, French and Spanish are even worse than the online translators.

ps good to see you back Igua, been way too long :wink:


Igua holds the record I think amongst those with any posts…
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Human translators themselves prefer human translators since they know well that software translators are just compressed results of programmer’s knowledge of vocabulary and grammar but human translators could cost just like doctors and lawyers.

I’m sure translating English into the languages mentioned in the title is much easier than any translation I’ve done so use Google or another web translator in combination with your own learning. :slight_smile:


I bet there are some people who would like to do this for fun. I’ve processed some automatic translators on CoverUniverse.

See the results on So just some pointers on my crappy translations would help. Though I need my other pages translated as well.

Anyway we’ll see who reacts…


Free web translator here is one i use from time to time


Reward per language: up to 40 euro per language. When intrested contact me and I’ll send you a document with the text.



I could help ypu translate your website, if there is still need for it.



I could help ypu translate your website, if there is still need for it.[/QUOTE]

after 4 years??? Doubt it…but you never know…


sometimes after more than four years.