Website promises $98 netbooks



I just posted the article Website promises $98 netbooks.

The name of the website,, says it all.

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Cheap enough but think I’ll have to pass on one of them. :wink:


If only it could make phone calls :slight_smile:


Netbooks for toddlers? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sooo… I’d have more luck getting Pong to run on this baby than I would Crysis?


[QUOTE=DukeNukem;2515930]Sooo… I’d have more luck getting Pong to run on this baby than I would Crysis?[/QUOTE]

hehehehe you’d be lucky to even get Pong to run on it. :bigsmile: :wink:


Shouldn’t those Intel n270 1.6ghz atom processor 1gb ram, 160gb hard drive 7-10 inch 1024x600 screen models be getting down to about $100 since they were $160-$249 in years past…?

Why do they keep recycling these crappy old worthless parts & hocking it at premium prices?


this is a nice option for you kindergartner.


At least these 99 USD/99 EUR laptops exist. :slight_smile:
Today I saw an ad of a local supermarket advertising such a “thing”:
Jaytech Jay-book 9901
Via 8505 CPU (300 MHz)
7" display,
128 MB RAM, internal 2 GB Flash, SD/MMC slot (supports up to 32 GB)
Mousepad, WLAN b/g, 3x USB 2.0, internal speakers, 1800 mAh battery (expected lifetime: up to 4 hrs), weight: 590g

Comes with Windows CE 6.0
Price 99,95 EUR (vendor’s claim: MSRP 199 EUR, which is a lie (link to importer’s press announcement - german language) .)


Actually I would be really interested to try some Windows CE goodness. The only problem might be the software support.


[QUOTE=BussyB;2515843]If only it could make phone calls :)[/QUOTE] Skype? Voip? TeamSpeak?