Website problem (javascript question)

i got a page on my website with a countdown to my school’s winter break, i just found some nifty code that makes a snowfall in the backround

the problem is that if i have the snow falling, then the countdown does not work

the website is:


Changed from minorpage.htm (which is incorrect) to minorfile.htm (which works)

you can find the code by going to view > view source

the code for the snow can be found at and the pics are (through 6)

if i remove the line including the snow code then it works fine

im guessing it has to do with layers but it is ONLY A GUESS


error accessing your actual page - cant see your non-snowfall code.

sorry it seems as if i wrote the wrong address ( i corrected it above) but also here it is:

Also, i zipped the minorfile.htm, and all of the snow code (and pictures) and that can be found at

and i actually TESTED these

got it to work, problem was that it could only call one event on window load

i created a new function that called both the snow code AND the clock code and put that function in the body tag

check it out though its pretty slick, for the full effect goto
(it opens it in fullscreen)

Nifty! Especially the hundred-parts (the fast changing numbers)
I can use your counter since I quit at (almost) the very same time :slight_smile:

you can always modify the code… its really easy to change the date of the timer