Website Making?

Can anyone recomend a good easy, and FREE website making thing. I mean, where do I start. How? Thanks.

I am not sure, but go to and there should be a website development section. Just browse through there.

Frontpage 2003 is quite a good choice. But first download a dummies guide or something to HTML.

Frontpage is quick and easy but lacks power.
Dreamweaver is difficult but does alot.

I started with Frontpage and learnt from there. I would call it a good package to start with but obviously not free.

I highly suggest that you learn/use XHTML instead if HTML, regarding WYSIWYG editors I’d recommend you to void them unless you can live with crappy code. - Read first - Read this one after the first one
Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be many editors around that supports XHTML syntax highlighting. One that isn’t free but available as a shareware is UltraEdit.
btw, you should also take a look at CSS.

I use Dreamweaver for everything to do with websites… I think you can get a trial?

Ok, I made it with front page, just a question. In frontpage, where is the option to insert a Guestbook? I cannot find it anywhere.

I don’t think that you can insert one from there. Try

Yes there is a option in FrontPage to add a Guest Book ! If you want to add a Guest Book to your web site. Click on “File” at the top menu then click” New “a list will appear to the right click “Page or Web” and new list will appear on the right hand side of your screen at the bottom of the list “Click Page Templates” and from the list select “Guest Book”, and there you have it now you have a Guest Book on your Web Page. :slight_smile:

If you don’t like the sloppy code that Frontpage and other WYSIWYG editors, I suggest using TSW Webcoder. Perfect for handcoders.