Website Idea



G’day all,

I need a show of hands on who would support the idea of me making a website on identifying different manufacturer’s media. I want to share my knowledge to everyone on how to identify different media types by looking at packaging and at the discs while they’re on the shelf at your local computer store/department store/etc. I want to inform the world about how to seperate the good media from the bad.



yeah and lets call it to distinguish it from the other … or just maybe chip in and help over there, write and article and post it over there


Why not just start a thread here. It could be stuck and added to as more information becomes available. One of the mods can help you. I would think that you could make one post for each manufacturer, then create a master post with links to each one. You can also use HTML.


Thanks for the ideas, folks! When I get a few minutes I’ll get my DC out and snap a few shots of my TY, RiTEK, CMC, and Prodisc media and post my comments in a new thread here.



Hey TVCD, long time no see. I’ll contribute my bit… some Indian media coming up…


Well this is a good idea if it is worked out good because so far the attempts to do this are seem to be not working. How many times do I see people asking are these disc’s with TY code real. So let’s hope this one actually works.