Website: compusa



Does anyone have trouble logging onto their website. I am trying to determine if it is their server or my system so I can fix this problem. Any help would be appreciated.


No problem here. Can’t quite figure out how this has anything to do with the Bargain Basement, but then I do get confused at times.


Their site hasn’t been up to speed for a few months. I have trouble often, especially if I bookmark a certain item. I conclude from this that the database that feeds the site gets overloaded.


I conclude it’s from the vast number of BS rebates they offer…


Oh, Howser - if you are using a browser other than IE (like my favored Opera) the CompUSA site has trouble also.

PS: this site also has some trouble with Opera (in the search functions) - at least with my set-up.


Most pages wont even load from compusa’s site in opera for me. I havent had any problems with this site though.

#7 looks fine in Firefox, though I didn’t try to order something. (Yes… some website doesn’t activate the “place your order” button at non-IE brouser.) I don’t use Opera, so it’s hard to comment about it.

IMO, IE only commercial websites deserve some loss of money. They must know what a standard html (and javascript) syntex is.