Webcammax's audio not working from TV Tuner source


I have a problem. I have hardware TV-tuner (WinFast TV2000 XP Expert) installed to my system. If I want to show to my friends live TV broadcasting over the internet, WebcamMax shows only picture with no audio, when i select source as “Winfast TV 2000 Expert Video Capture”. However, audio is represented, when I watch LiveTV broadcasting through TV capture card.
Why Webcammax doesn’t play audio from this source? Do I need install some more drivers for audio capturing? For webcammax, i see under device manager->Audio, video, sound controllers, that “Webcammax WDM Video capture” exists, nothing more for it. For Winfast TV Tuner card are installed WDM Crossbar, WDM TV Tuner, WDM Video Capture.
I tried different sources for audio playback and recording control line (inside TV Tuner software). Nothing worked for me (CD Line, Mic, Stereo Mix, Line volume).
Please tell me, what I have to check or install? How can I force Webcammax to use TV Tuner audio source?
I have Win XP SP3, 4GB memory, integrated Realtec HD audio sound card, K-lite Full codec pack 4.2.5, Win XP system files rollback function disabled.

P.S. When I had Win200 Pro, there was no problem with that, audio was just fine.

Since it’s an analogue tuner you need to choose the sound card’s line in as input.

Hi… you resolve the problem??
i have some problem too!!

only with cable from out audio to mic or any input can give audio. i no like this!!

please… reply you solution!