Webcam reviews?

Hi, I am looking at webcams – finally I decided to buy one, I thought if i get one, Ill be able to record video, burn it , and send it back home to my parents… But, I know nothing about them. I see on pricewatch they got pretty good prices on them … So I was wondering, does anyone know a site with webcam review, or can anyone recommend me something? And, I am not looking for something expensive :))

And what would be the specs I would want to look for in a webcam??

Thanks in advance.

In general, webcams are not ideal for sending video, especially to record off and send back to relatives in another country.

Obviously they are cheaper and not everyone can afford a digital camcorder.

If I did have to suggest one, look for high resolution like 640x480 and some newer models are usb2.0, looks like live stream TV (although they are always hyped up for marketing purposes). A good web cam that is top line in market usually goes for around $100 (US currency) and a cheap digi camcorder goes for about $200 (no nam ebrand and also at auctions) but still outperforms a web cam in the end.

Hope that helps and gives you some to consider.

Yeah, I guess u r right. Well, for right now I am not into spending that much money (already purchased lots of stuff).

From my experience, I like the follwing 3 brand names:

Logitech, Intel, 3com

Site offers up to date drivers and I had no problems with any of them.