Webcam driver problems

Hi People,

I have a microtek take-it350 webcam that i have been using on this system for a couple of years. I had to re-format my hard-drive and re-install win2000.
When i installed the normal drivers for my camera and then plugged it in i keep getting an error message that no drivers are installed and that i need to install the
STV680 driver which is nothing to do with my camera and i have no way of inserting the disc that it keeps asking for.

is this a failing in windows2000 driver wizard?
Anyone have any ideas?

System: win2000, realtek5600 v/c, 80Gb h/d, 512Mb ram, athlon xp2000.


I don’t know the device myself (and neither the problems that come with it), but you can try a few things.

  1. Remove the webcam software from your harddrive (if you really want to do it well, also use a registry tool to remove the last bits that remain after removing).

  2. Update your Windows with the latest updates/service pack etc.

  3. Aquire recent drivers for your webcam and install them after having done step 1 and 2.

  4. Pray :slight_smile: