Webcam Alternative


To play MOV/3GP in windows media player I can install MOV alternative.

The same way, does any one know some kind of webcam alternative which I can install and do webcamming without having a webcam?

I will really appreciate if someone could help me out here.

Thank You :slight_smile:

??without a camera to capture the video how would you get an image?? Magic, place you face on a scanner?

But you can connect some digital cameras and use them like a Webcam :smiley:

Hi Jane and welcome to the forum. To date, I know of no alternative for a webcam. You must have one and the person you are communicating with must have one also. They are very reasonably priced. I hope this helps.:iagree:

You have to have crayons and be very fast.(Just kidding of course)

You need something like a virtual Webcam, you can play pre-recorded video on video chat sites like MSN and it will show as a real Web cam. there is a few around you can download the free Source Code from Planet Source Code, and use a C# compiler like Mono.