Web Site Grabbers (Capture Software)

I am looking for recommendations on web site grabbers. So far I am trying “Grab-a-site” and “SurfOffLine”. If there is one you like let me know. Free is good but I would be willing to pay for a good website capture software

It’s been a long time since I evaluated the apps available (2 years), but when I did my first choice was WinHTTrack (freeware) and my second was Teleport Pro (handles passwords better, or at least it did then).

What website grabber software if the best? I need need one to install direct on my website to “grabber” web content. Any ideas?

The best one around is [B]Wget[/B] it’s not cheap but it’s well worth the cost :slight_smile:

wget (and curl) are both free and works very good.