Web searches yield different results?



Hello. I thought I rid my computer with some funny stuff going on, but no. First I had major Malware issues, so I did the BIG DEED, and reformatted my Hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP Home. SP3. Installed Malwarebytes and uniformly run the utility and also my ATT Security program at least twice a week.

Now what could be the cause of this……?

When I’m searching for a topic like MRSA Staff Infection (I’m researching this for a family member) This web Link page pops up with several pages on this topic. When I click on one or most of them, these unrelated webpages pop up that has nothing to do with my search.

Then sometimes I get this annoying voice and the following pop-up when I open this Club MYCE home page…
“Congratulations!! This is Not a Joke! You are the 100,000th Visitor. Click here.”

I use Mozilla Firefox v.3.6.4 (Latest) and yes the pop-up blocker in ON.

The Motorola modem box gets kind of hot when left on all day, so I let it cool down by unplugging the modem for a few minutes and plug it back in.

I’m also getting pop-ups that gives me no way out, meaning I can not simply X out or close, so this does remind me of a malware problem. I’ve run the malware and anti-virus, but they found nothing.

What could be causing this? Thanks!