Web Page Printing Tool

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if there was a tool that would allow you to print a webpage that is wider than an A4 paper.

What I mean is some forums they have guides but dont offer a printer friendly version of the guide so you have all the stuff to the left usernames and such.

Is there any program that you can tell it to ignore that section and start from say 50mm from the left and print it from 50mm to the end of the page on the right hand side or maybe even compress the page so that it fits the whole page into a A4 paper for printing.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

print selection is the closest i have seen :frowning: - and that seems too stupid to be helpful.

Print in landscape?

Thanks for the info guys.


I really did want to avoid having to print in Landscape as I hate the paper wastage you get from printing in this mode whereas you might print 4 pages it could end up 6 or more in Landscape.

Oh well I guess I have to cut the page and paste it in Word to print it out Portrait I guess. :slight_smile: