Web-based dynamic cd creation

Anyone ever created a web-based cd burning interface or can think of how that would be done? I am trying to automate a business process that we want to control from our company intranet.

The process is that some files are created, automatically copied to a folder named after an id number, a person manually starts up a cd burner program and burns the cd. We want the person to just be able to put in a cd and click a button to start the cd burn.

I know Nero has an API, but I can’t find much info on it. Anyone have experience with that. If I could create a VB app to control Nero, I could call that program from the command line with the options needed.

I’ve actually seen this done before, but don’t remember where, so it’s definitel possible.

I think there are some DirectX controls to do this, maybe you could try those.

Ive created my onw burn program with help from Neros API. 5 weeks ago or so Nero published his documentation of the Nero API with 2 sample programs.

Get this documentation from Ahead and you`ll find out how to build your own app.

If you have any questions, let me know and I`ll try to help you.