A while ago i watched a film i downloaded this film was XviD, i noticed part way through the film it jumped (I was playing this on a standalone DivX/DVD Player. It was jumpy with stuttery sound for about 2 mins i thought nothing of it.

2 weeks ago i watched a TV show i really like and im pretty sure it was fine on this bit.
Today i watched it and it was stuttery just like the other one was the playback was just like it for 10 secs. (This was also XviD)

I then thought hmm would this be the player??
So, i tried playing it from the CD on the PC and to my surprise played exactly the same it jumped the same time through so i copied it from the CD to the PC and even MOREto my surprise it wasn’t jumpy at all which makes me think the writer is getting old and not writing certain parts of the cds properly which is cuasing weakness until one day when i watch these over and over they will stop working.

Can films still be copied over to the PC and work on the PC how they did before they went on the CD?? What i mean is, say if this happened to loads of my CD’s and i kept watching over and over until the picture was frreezing like that all the way through, if i copied it to the PC would it play fine there?? Or would it actually have affected it so badly on the CD playback will be bad on the copied version from CD??

Anyway after it worked on the PC after copying it from CD i then put it on another disc (CD-R this time) and watched it on the dvd player and there was NO freeze this time.

Now, i think either the brand was crap on the old one, i wrote the CD too fast or the writer is dusty inside and cuasing weakneses in the C.D’s.

Am i recommended to just buy a massive HDD to store films on instead of CD’s??

I then put in the Pioneer 107D DVD Writer and it played it fine even FROM THE CD which makes me think the CD has weaknesses that an old laser can’t read properly so it reults in stuttery playback, obviously playback wouldnt be stuttery playing it on the PC because it wouldnt be being read from a CD.

Please answer this question first ^^

Next question:

I wrote a Verbatim DVD with the new Pioneer only to find at the end of burning it saying. ‘Write Prcoess Failed’ Failed to do Disc at once or something but i think i sorted this issue by installing a later version of nero and using Ritek Branded Media.

Still, i would like to carry on writing with verbatim and i believe a firmware may fix this issue, could someone give me a step by step guide with this firmware update because ive already messed one machine up doing one and i dont wanna do it again!

cheers fellas!

what has poor standalone playback on a CD got to do with a Pioneer 107? was the CD originally burnt with the 107, or was it some other drive?

sounds to me like the standalone player kinda sucks.

it’s easy to upgrade firmware - go to pioneer’s site (for your country) and follow the links. don’t use hacked firmwares unless you want to void your warranty (or use a hacked one, but flash back to a proper one before you make a claim under warranty, should you need to).


if you’re getting a failed burn, there’s a few things it could be (maybe just bad luck). i had nero crash on me during a burn once… that’s the only time i’ve got a coaster on my 108 that hasn’t been my own fault.

make sure you’re not simply burning too much data - if you’re doing something like burning a DVD image using DVDdecrypter, it’s actually quite possible to force it to burn 7 gigs onto a 4.38 gig disc, resulting in disaster of course.

Who would really try to complain about that?!