Weak sectors of Mafia

Hello guys, I made a backup of Mafia from a friend with a Lg16x and the copy works perfectly.(Normal…:slight_smile:
I read the disc at home and I wrote it with my Plex2410a(fw 1.01); I tested it on my dvd and the copy worked fine.
Strange I thought, after I checked the weak sectors with Alexnoe program and with Betablocker and… surprise all the weak sectors had been written correctly and matched with the original cd (patterns 14b9 and 1212 included).
My question is : if there aren’t any extra errors have I obtained a good copy?
My reader is Hitachi dvdrom gd2500, I could also test it on Toshiba SD-C 2502.
What are your opinions? Have I been lucky?
I used clone without Aws.

The Plextor 24x can read its own 14B9 and 1212 patterns (burned without AWS), but if you read the disc in a Toshiba 1502, these sectors will turn out unreadable.

First of all thanks, do you think the toshiba sd-c 2502 (dvd notebook) is a valid test?

right Alexnoe the backup made wiyhout Aws fails when it is read in the Toshiba Sd-c 2502 (i THINK IT’S SIMILAR TO sD-m 1502).