We Were Soldiers rip crash

I tried ripping the We Were Soldiers DVD to harddrive using the main movie settings again and actually paid attention to the error message this time:

08:54:32: Analyzing of DVD started
08:55:36: Task_1 failed! Error=400(15 3 VTS_04_3.VOB 1032867840 2048)
08:55:37: Process failed!

Of course, I have no idea what all that means, but I’m sure someone does…

Below is the link to the movie (it wouldn’t all fit, so I broke it into three lines):


In common settings under DVD menu (left side of screen)click Read>tick ignore all reading errors auto…Also check disk for scratches ,smudge,prints…

I think that error code means that DVDFab could not read or correct read errors at a spot in that file (VTS_04_3.VOB). T0nee’s suggestion may let the copy process finish but the resulting file may have a glitch or jump in the video/audio at the spot where the error was. You might want to rip to a folder and check the playback before burning to disc.

I tried ripping main title to my harddrive with the ignore settings and DVDFab still locked up at about the 50% mark. No crash per se, it just stops until I cancel the process.

I checked the disk and there are minor scratches, but nothing as bad as some of my other disks that ripped with no problems. I always clean disks before putting them in the drive, so smudges, usw/etc shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m mainly curious if someone else hasn’t had the problem. That would be a good indicator that it is on my end…

At the 50% mark says that the error came at the outside edge of the DVD. Chances are you got a dead spot there that your reader will not jump over to.

Make sure the underside is spotless with no fingerprints etc. If there is a scratch down to the metal, then the disc is f*cked! Get another one and try again.