We sure have another clone here



I think to buy a BenQ and I buy the father of a Plextor :bigsmile:

Plextor 740 is from the BenQ family :

It clearly looks like my 1620 OEM :

Here is the faceplate of my BenQ 1620 OEM : I’m Thour Father !

Specifications are identical to 1640… DVD-R DL 8X was a typo or a far/near speculation :bigsmile:

Plextor 740 = BenQ 1640


Cool… I hope Plextor will do something magical to the firmware. =)


ItalianJob, crossposting is against forum rules… heh. :bigsmile:

Most probably this is a BenQ 1640 “clone”.


Yeah, it’s a rebadged post… shame on me :slight_smile:


Same hardware with an extra $30 price premium.

If you live in Europe, the Plextor isn’t a bad choice since I’ve heard miracles about their warranty service.

Anywhere else however…paying that extra just for brand name is just :Z