We should be asking Dee-27!

It seems there are a lot of people asking about what drive they should get and why; I myself even have. One problem for me is I have only owned a few drives three cd-burners, two dvd burners and a dvd-rom. But Dee-27 eats and sleeps optical drives!!! Here is the list of what she uses:

NEC Drives - NEC ND-4550A : NEC ND-3540A : NEC ND-3520AW : NEC ND-3500A
Other Drives - BenQ DW1640 : 2X BenQ DW1620A : Plextor PX-716A : LG GSA-4163B
Liteon SOHW-1653S : Liteon SHW-1635S : Pioneer DVR-110D : Samsung SE-W164C

So my question is what drive do you like best? Use the most? And is there any particular drive you use only for specific tasks, reading/ripping/writing/ and so forth.

If you could keep only one drive what would it be?

Thanks for your devotion to helping optical drive gurus! :clap:

You mean SHE right? :rolleyes:

See: This Link

Sorry I have a hard time telling gender though a web browser :stuck_out_tongue: , its edited now thanks

That is good to know. :iagree: Now apologize to Dee for calling her a guy! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:

My NEC drives are my fun drives, they are very tweakable and very robust.
I also use them for burning all DVD-R and most DVD+R
The Liteon drives are only used for scanning
The Samsung is also a good drive
The Benq drives are great for most +R media.
The LG and Plextor drives i don’t really use much.

My fav drive is the 3540 closely followed by the 3500. and i’m getting to like the 4550 as well, but its next to useless for PI/PIF scanning

Don’t tell me about it! :doh: I just decided to stock a third 3540A so to be able to check my discs for PIE/PIF degradation for the next 7 years with the same “reference” :wink: - but the 4550A has become my main -R burner here, it’s great! :iagree: . I even dropped my Pioneer 109. A Benq 1640 is on its way for jitter testing and +R burns.

If I had to keep only one, right now it would be the 3540A because it’s an all-rounder (not-excellent-but-good +R and -R burner, not-excellent-but-good scanner, not-excellent-but-good reader, very good ripper with L&G firmwares). The best at nothing, but good at everything. :cool:

Well, you certainly qualify as a CD Freak. :bigsmile:

But even though you have three drives of the same model (3540) doesn’t mean that they will scan the same disc and report identical PIE/PIF numbers. So you may want to “calibrate” those drives against each other now, so that you know what PIE/PIF levels they report compared to each other.

Even then the reading capability of the drives may degrade over time, and if you see higher PIE/PIF numbers on a disc it might be the drive degrading and not the disc.

Sorry if that ruins your day. :flower:

How about Liggy what is his take on “favorite drive”

Do you really think I’m dumb or something? :flower: -of course I do that :bigsmile: - but actually I was very pleasantly surprised that my 2 3540A drives scan like twins (not sure about this expression sorry). l’ll see how the third one does.

Even then the reading capability of the drives may degrade over time, and if you see higher PIE/PIF numbers on a disc it might be the drive degrading and not the disc.
And so I buy a third drive to take charge when the other 2 will degrade :wink:
Sorry if that ruins your day. :flower:
Not the least, as I’ve already thought about all this :bigsmile: - you can’t possibly ruin my day with such considerations more than I already ruin it on my own :wink: - as you put it: I’m a CDFreak :bigsmile:

Oh I forgot: the 3540A is actually among the very best drives in one area: CD burning. I still can’t believe the good job it does with audio CDs. :eek:

I don’t think I’m the right one to ask here. Although I already modified firmwares for all kind of NEC burners, I only have a 2500@2510, a 3540 and a LiteOn 1693.

And now guess which of these drives is my favourite :wink:

I own or at one time I have owned Lite-On-411,-811, Aopen 1608, 1616 , BTC, NEC3500 and finally BenQ 1640 as Dee have mentioned I have also BenQ 1640 my favorite drive for ripping and burning +R not to mention for scanning and NEC for burning -R.