We need news

I just posted the article We need news….

Sad to say, but there is not much news lately, so we can’t update the site. If you have news, feel free to submit it to us. You can use our submit news form, by clicking on submit news, above the…

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Well at no site there’s has been much new this weekend!

I only hope the forum will be back very soon and this time forever because I really miss it (thank got I got a girl )…

you keep saying that…

What about the server updates that would be posted here ???

Will the forum come back?? Because you’r losing alot of visitors…

Yeh, not onley CDFreaks has no update’s,
olso Hexagon is ofline for two whole weeks, I dont see the problem over there.
There are enough lists to update overthere…
have not seen any list of TL 53 or CB 55/56 or Gizeh 4
or anhything like that.
What happends whit our friend
Is he realy in space or has he had a kiss of sinderella and is he in a Big Big sleep
till the next Millennium ??

Oh, and Gizeh 4 is yet to come…

sorry about that Gyus, should be 5 ofcourse !!

cyberbart is alive

is on IRC mostly…

go ask him

And where the hack can I find IRC ??
btw. he din’t upload his site for quet some time and the site is still down…
Think he has had that kiss anhyway

Dominator wrote
"cdfreaks will be full supported with latest information. - This is serious guys! this is no danish crap announcement, this is for real!"
Article : http://www.wijsbek.com/cdfreaks/main/news.php3?ID=903

Maybe you have your ressons Dom… But it’s sure a good way of keeping the news away from your site!. Sure there have been a lot of crap around from the Danish scene… But please, things aint just black and white.

I’m glad you posted that cause I have CD Freaks posted as my home page and I was beginning to wonder what the hell was up cause it was the same every time my browser opened up. I was getting worried

Hey U guys…!
"No news is good news"
CDFREAKS was always there when u needed help…!
so lets be patient and see what transpires…!

news… allright…

twilight 53 dvd is out…
and in 1 week crazy bytes dvd 1…

News: I got my Neo14 CD´s today on 6 disc.

Hey! I have a news - WinOnCD 3.8PE is a pure piece of crap!

is this serious?

More news: I’m getting my Plex 12/10/32 SCSI today!


When Forum is open???

What happened to filez4u.net the address won`t work!!! Does anyone know what is prob! When they open their site again!

Dutch Warzz scene looks, as we say in Holland,:
“op sterven na dood”