We need a trading forum

why dont they just put a trading forum on the site, it really needs it…dont u’s think so

Trade what? If it’s something that is not allowed like MP3/warez/divx/games you want…then this is not the place.

Check our rules:

The Dutch already have a ‘Supply and demand’ forum, a kind of auction site.

If that is what you mean it is a useful suggestion.
If it concerns illegal trading of warez, copyrighted materials and other stuff the rules specifically state is illegal, this is a real dumb suggestion and s sign of both ignorance and disrespect

nods at SMART@$$


There are SO MANY trading boards all over the internet what would cdfreaks do this

btw cdfreaks is here to help pplz not to do illegal activities (trading is illegal though not said directly)


Do not ask for illegal materials through this board.

post is closed due to request for a trade forum(Warez)