We need a new troll!

Since Stoner left, us CD Freaks have been able to cross the bridge to get to the greener grass without a hassle now. But there isn’t any point if it is that easy.

So we need a new troll :slight_smile: Who be there under our bridge?

Of course every forum has a troll, right?

how about you ? :stuck_out_tongue:


How was I?

fine :wink:

What about me, sir.

with that avatar?

nah… you need to change it first…

You’re the CDFreaks baby. You can’t play both roles :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

now that hurts… :wink:

Baby :sad:

You know that I meant Ben, right …?

Baby in a good way :stuck_out_tongue: Every forum needs a baby too :bigsmile:

Yes, Ben is crying now, at least from his smiley…

baby, as in young’n, or baby as in retard who cries and takes everything personally :stuck_out_tongue:

Take yer’ pick :wink:

when u say troll what do u mean

I have this terrible urge to buy a billygoat … I have no idea why :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Ice
A troll is the person on the forum that seems to be mean all the time - usually bags noobies for posting in the wrong forum/crossposting etc.

@ debro
Old avatar?

Not an old avatar … The avatar.

I didn’t notice that Stoner left.

Whatever happened to Stoner?