We need a benq faq sticky

there’s alot of good info on this forum that fades as the days go by :sad:

i think we could use a good faq section that’s updated every once in a while. :iagree:

plus it would cut down on so many new threads being made :smiley:

also i think there are too many stickys at the top of the page. with a good faq section we could put most of them in to 1. :eek:

just a thought :cool:

I think it’s a good idea.

I’d be happy to contribute whatever I can. If it’s some form of document, perhaps I could help edit it, as I have some experience editing work for those of whom English is not a first language; and given the diversity of this great forum, there are no doubt a few out there.



Someone had a draft and then said they were too busy and then someone said they would pick it up. We need a FAQ bad. The same old questions over and over. C0deKing is suppose to be doing it.


lol and i thought i was the 1st :bigsmile:



that wasn’t too long ago.

Have a look at the NEC FAQ sticky from Dee-27. Maybe something like that…

that was the one i was looking at also.

looks pretty good.

bump :bigsmile: