We may be nearing the end of separate cpu's for our computers

Looks like Intel is planning on changing how they attach their cpu’s to the motherboard in future releases. The Haswell series may be the last one to be interchangeable. After that, the cpu’s may come soldered to the mainboard.



While this won’t stop people from making their own computers, it will limit flexibility of those builds. I don’ t know many who change cpu’s very often, but that path to improving performance may soon be gone.

If this happens, let’s hope this only applies to pre-built PCs. PC manufacturers seem to cut corners as much as they can and often provide very few upgrade capabilities. For example, most pre-built PCs have just two RAM slots (often both filled) and I’ve seen some without a spare 2.5" bay for a second HDD. Now it looks like they will look forward to saving a dollar or two by eliminating the removable CPU slot.

If motherboard makers are required to have the CPU pre-soldered, this is going to be a pain when purchasing a motherboard as I’m sure many shops are only going to stock motherboards with a choice of 2 or 3 CPUs per model. Motherboard makers may also take advantage of this by only offering Celeron (or equivalent) series on entry level motherboards and Core i5/i7 (or equivalent) CPUs on their premium/Deluxe series boards.

That’s good. They should quit making computers altogether. Go back to paper and pen. Lots of file folders and rooms with nothing but hundreds of file cabinets. No cell phones, go back to a wired in unit in your house that set in the cute little spot that is built into the wall of hanging off the kitchen wall. That way if someone wanted to talk to you they could wait till you got home. All this electronic junk…Bah Humbug who needs it.

The Inventory World will go ballistic. “I’ve got thousands of units of 14 different motherboards in this warehouse section, and there are 10 CPUs that fit each. So, now I’d need to reallocate space by the factorial effect of mating every motherboard with every CPU possibility?!!” Yeah. Riiiight.

If one looks at the HiFi Industry, the home-built hi-fi scenario lasted from the '50s into the late '60s or early '70s? Then, instead of building the hi-fi’s mainboard and tubes, audiophiles were left with separate components for “component systems”. There is some of that bleeding into the TV world today, but there aren’t very many “hi fi/stereo” shops on any street in any town now.

I’m sure this will be the way of the computer, too. The pre-built computers have always outsold the Parts-Assembled Computers, but something tells me the future will be far more dim for these enthusiast-builds.

As long as my NAS units can house those bakers’ dozens of 14Tb drives, I’ll be happy enough.

Intel must be drinking the same Kool Aid as Microsoft. If Intel does this then it will be a boon to AMD.

So when the motherboard OR the CPU dies you have to throw BOTH away. Hopefully UTR is right.

geez the way its going with half-height optical drives being phased out i wouldnt be surprised if you couldnt buy a desktop pc or its components in a few years. laptops for every power user :frowning:

Intel must be drinking the same Kool Aid as Microsoft.

Exactly, tablet interface and limitations on a desktop PC - what a straight bs.

but that path to improving performance may soon be gone.

Even more problems. If you want to upgrade CPU then you’ve got to upgrade the whole motherboard and who knows whether will it easy and fine to find what you need or the choice will be very limited thus may make it way more expensive to assemble a good and optimal configuration.

Whoa, seems to me that “the inventors” are going more and more into the direction planned obsolescence…