We have to fight against Sony




Thousands of buyers from the Sony DVD-Burner cannot burn at 4x with cheap Media like Sunstar,Princo,Accu …

Most of you spend allot of money for this Burner(409 Euro).

I think it`s time for Sony to bring out a new Firmware that allows us to write at 4x on Media we want.Almost every Company support this feature(NEC,Pioneer)

We must E-Mail Sony about this problem,we want a new Firmware.It`s possible cause the new one the Sony 510 can burn on cheap Media.

Why should we pay allot of money for DVD-R or DVD+R like Verbatim?[at the moment 3,15 Euro a piece) if we can use cheap ones?

Or is this Burner only a piece of Crap,so spread it around that no one buys a Sony DVD-Burner anymore…

Come on guys it`s time,we are united and we are the costumers and we have rights…

greetz Kirby


I want to say something about people who paid twice the amount for Sony dvd writers over equivalent NEC dvd writers, but nah…:Z


I think Sony has a Hardware Problem,cause the DRU 510 burns all 4x cheap Medias on 4x.
Why did Sony come out so fast with the DRU 510? and why does the DRU 510 burn Ritek G4 in Standart Version(without Firmware upgrade) 4x?

I think it has something to do with the Laser of the DRU 500A/AX and with the Production of cheap 4X Media.Maybe they cannot change the strength of the Laser to figure out this Problem.

They ripped enough money from the costumers,now they can sell the burner 200 Euro cheaper,Pioneer and Nec have the better Burners at the moment.

I get angry when i see that i have payed 409,-Euro for this 2x Burner.
My Toshiba SD-R 5002 writes 2x DVD-Rs faster then the Sony,that`s a fact…

:a stay away from Sony - a piece of crap…

i am gonna sell it…

greetz Kirby