We have been beaten

So I made another thread about how TwinPeaks method was not working for me and this is what I found out today:


THATS WHY my copy is not working. Because TWIN PEAKS not only DOES NOT MAKE a near perfect 1:1 copy, IT MAKES A PIECE OF SHIT THAT CANNOT BE READ ON A LOT OF DRIVES.

Tried my cd on another dirve works great. Here I am ripping my hair out trying to find out wha tI’m doing wrong and all along its the METHOD that is incorrect.

Twinpeaks + CloneCD = down the toilet.

CD 1:1 copies are down the toilet (Yes I know we never made 1:1 copies but we made damn near 1:1 copies but this is just ridiculous.).

Elby and all the other copycats - You have LOST the war against the protection companies and SecuRom takes the crown NOT safedisc like we thought.

Oh well, I thought I could put up with ATIP reading, but now it’s just time for me to find another hobby.

Just by the way, the drive it refused to work on was a Toshiba SDM 1212 DVD drive. Yes an oldie, but a goodie. Worked great on a Lite On 16x.

:cop: :cop: :cop:

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