We feel like alone in the middle of desert,help us

dear friends
i have asus 1608p dvd-cd rw
when i want to make a disc quality test by using cd/dvd speed v4.0
it gives an error ‘drive does not support this function’
i want to know if i couldnt make disc quality test how can i choose the correct media for my movie archives
and also kprobe doesnt support,too
alone in the middle of the desert ,help for the asus 1608 users
are there any test methods?

try using the transfer rate test & scan disc.

1)nero cd speed v4.00 and others
2)dvdinfopro v4.16

doesnt work with asus…
is there no one else knows a tool to make these pi/po test by asus

Join BenQ and Lite-On users. :slight_smile:

i dont know kenshin
i can do something for asus users
i think the other users not just myself

People scan in BenQ or Lite-On mainly for important reasons. Some luckier guys scan in Plextor as well. :slight_smile: