We exist after death

I know a lot of you laugh off the possibility of
life after death. I myself think it’s possible. I will tell you
why?. First of all not only having seen a few things I can’t
explain away convinced me. Also I remember an old documentary
by ROD SERLING. The documentary was about the possibility of
aliens helping us in the past. While a lot of it was unbeliveable.
There was one segment where they showed[even if the equitment
they were using was not very good] The bodys electrical energy.
So even if you laugh off religion,BEN STEINS theory of intelligent
design,or your a darwanist atheist. I think it’s possible our
electrical energy still exists when we die.
ZAP.:rolleyes::bigsmile:p.s. here’s proof MICHELLE OBAMA

Check out The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

It is a very interesting premise