We don't need no stinkin'

Experiment: To test out if people rather would talk about the things they don’t want or the things they actually do want.

Phase: one.

I miss the option mods, admins and management.

war …thats all we don’t need no more war!

lies…princo’s…long lines at the dmv…insomnia

I voted God. But I guess a lot of wars are also fought over God’s… so I’m kinda eliminating 1.5 things.

Bill Gates’s activation’s…!



hot, humid summers, with insects taking residence in your abode (UK) - bring on the dry heat! - oh, and I guess no hostile alien tripod’s for good measure.

Still voting for admins and management.

Sorry froggies

lawyers, take your money unless you’re mj

Yea, then they take ten times as much from the pocket while you’t lying over the barrell.