We are planning a Philips DVD Recorder Forum

As some of the old members from the DVDPlusRW.org Forum might remember, this forum was created to make a smooth transition possible from the old forum to the Club CD Freaks Forums. Unfortunately the naming and purpose of this forum does interfer a bit with the way other CD Freaks Forums are created and divided. Therefor we would like to split off a Philips DVD recorder forum. This means that the current DVD+RW forum will continue to exist, but all threads regarding Philips DVD recorders will need to be posted in a seperate forum.

However we would like to give everyone the opportunity to speak up and if there are reasonable reasons to not split this forum in a Philips DVD Recorder we will of course listen to you!

On a side note, we will also soon close the Vbulletin backup of the old DVDPlusRW.org Forums. It has been there for several months now and everyone has had the opportunity to retrieve old information.

We are also looking for moderators with good communication skills and knowlegde on Philips DVD recorders, if you feel you are such a person, please send me a PM!

I’m not sure it’s needed. Philips seems to be becomming less of a player in this area.

The USA Philips site now lists only 1 model. And, suprisingly it supports both “+” & “-” (DVDR3355/37).

The UK site lists 10 (plus Pye PRV645) and the German site 15…the US should count the Magnavox models?

I think there’s plenty of room for advice on Philips and the derivatives, so I don’t have a problem with the ‘split’.

However the notion that the old forum should go soon seems rather short-sighted, particularly if a separate Philips sub-forum is proposed. With some exceptions we don’t have the regular contributions to the forum from the experienced people who made the old forum such a useful point of reference, so where are other newer people with Philips problems going to look for advice? Judging by the apparent lack of searching of the old forum by new contributors, I can’t agree that all useful information has been extracted.

If senior management are considering starting a Philips forum, can you not adapt and open up the old forum again with all its history? Failing that, seeing as you’re asking for moderators, can the database be preserved for off-line reference to whoever you choose? Otherwise, can one of us with some interest be identified to host the old forum, if it’s space that’s the problem? I assume there’s copyright issues but surely these can be overcome.

I picked up a dvdr615/17 for $40 bucks from Best Buy. Floor model. No remote or power cord. Got power cord for 4 bucks, but remote costs over 30 bucks delivered.

After reviewing the links in the forum, I think I shall return to Best Buy. It appears this unit is not that great. Might cause more than $70 dollars of heart burn.

I will wait for lower price on new models.



Well you could always apply the firmware upgrade to cure the known faults before making your assessment. I don’t know when you think you’ll get the newer models for anywhere near $70.

BTW you should post this in the relevant section next time.