WDMS3200: Problems with connecting hard drive via Firewire

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Western Digital My Passport Studio WDMS3200 - hard drive - 320 GB - FireWire / Hi-Speed USB. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]I can’t get the firewire to work !! I am using this in win xp and have followed instruction via knowledge database #1550 and teh USB works just fine but nothing is showing when I connect the firewire cable. I am using an 6pin to 4 pin adapter and have two of these so its not a fault with this. Also hve tried a PCMCIA card and nothing either. Any ideas?

I assume your 2.5" WD extenral HDD is used buspowered with [B]no[/B] external power supply.

The WD HDD enclosure has a USB B “mini” plug and a 6 pin Firewire plug right?

A 4 pin firewire plug does not provide power, only the 6 pin cable provide a 12V power supply.

For further information on firewire:

Is Firewire even enabled?

Check the BIOS!!!

[QUOTE=alisongill;2114599]I am using an 6pin to 4 pin adapter and have two of these so its not a fault with this. Also hve tried a PCMCIA card and nothing either. Any ideas?[/QUOTE]

I have looked ad WD for your HDD :slight_smile:

With your drive a USB cable is shipped and a “Firewire Y cable” with an USB plug an 6 pin FW plug and a 4 pin FW plug. You MUST USE this cable since the power supply will be done over the USB plug of the PC. It is still the fact that a 6 pin - 4 pin Firewire cable does not provide power. Only the Firewire 6 pin - 6 pin cables provide buspower.

But this drive is a crappy thing at all. Here the linke to the product description:

Here a quotation of the product description:
"[B]FireWire or USB powered [/B]- No separate power supply is needed.* “
”[B]* An optional cable is available for the few computers that limit USB power. [/B]"

When I read this stuff I could throw up everything on the floor :Z ( :o sorry for that). The problem is USB ports are designed to supply devices with a max. of [B]5V / 500mA [/B] [U]after[/U] the power demands are applyed at the host controller. Before that only [B]100mA [/B]are allowed. Also the USB Y cables are crappy and does not change a thing. Since the floor is still wet no throw up this time… :wink:
At all the USB powered harddrives can work, can not work, can destroy the USB port hardware if you are “lucky” and the manufacturer of your computer does not make an overpower detection circuit to the power lines of the USB port… :a
At the moment there is no 2.5" HDD on the market reaching the 5V / 500mA limit in a way. Most drives need more than 1000mA during spinup. :frowning:

Anyway with the original Firewire cable provided with your HDD you should not have any problems. :iagree:

[QUOTE=chef;2115697]Is Firewire even enabled?

Check the BIOS!!![/QUOTE]
My first thoughts as well, I cant think of a computer I have used with Firewire that had it switched on, it also never seems to say Firewire as well and will be something like…
Enable IEEE 1394 or just 1394, and often in the USB, mouse and or Keyboard area.