WD7500AAKS Caviar SE16 750GB SATA OEM @Newegg $149.99 Shipped BF Only!

These were selling for $200 3 months ago and I got one then for $180 after a PayPal promo. Smoothest, fastest HDD I have! (Wish I had enough $$$ to buy another right now… :frowning: )


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Sweet!! I just bought these at Fry’s a couple weeks ago and I wish I would’ve waited… :doh: Oh well, just bought 2 more :slight_smile:

No you talkin’! That is one deal steal for a SATA. I bought a 500GB Buffalo SATA external for 79.00 dollars at Fry’s. I had to push and fight the whole way thru the darn store. But I got it. I see why the call it black friday. I just got a black eye! JK :wink: