WD5000H032 Hard Drive Ping Noise Unrecognizable on computer

[qanda]This thread is about the Western digital My Book Premium ES Edition 500 GB. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello,

I believe I am in trouble. I have a My Book Premium ES Edition External Hard Drive. Today I heard a strange pinging noise so I shut the drive down. Plugged it back in and my computer will not recognize the drive. Had about 100 gigs of digital photgraphs(family) and 350 gigs of music. Am I fubared? Any guidance would be appreciated.:sad::sad:

If you can open the case up, check the cables…one may have come loose.

The External Hard Drive reads on the computer via the usb computer on two different computers. Hard drive is spinning but its not booting up. I can hear it click and then it spins down. Actually tried to freeze it today for six hours. Still nothing.

Hi and welcome [I]Spundoochi[/I] :slight_smile:

Have you tried WD’s own diagnostic tools.
Data Lifeguard Diagnostic. What does it tell ya.

BTW, a test run in Linux might also be an option, example; Knoppix live CD.