WD200 jumper settings as an external hard drive

A friend gave me a WD200 hard disk. I want to use it as a external hard drive. I already bought an enclosure but I don’t know where to put the jumper, please help me!

A friend gave me a WD2000JD and I need it as an external hard drive. What is the jumper setting for an external hard drive? Please help!

Hi and Welcome!

the usual setting of a HDD that shall be used in an external enclosure is either Master or Single (depends on the HDD). Please check WD website for detailled information.


It should show the jumper setting on the label if not looking from back for 10 pin drives
for dual master the jumper will go on pins 5&6 (middle row) and slave will be on 3&4 (third row from left or 2nd row from right)

9 7 5 3 1
. . . . .
. . . . .
10 8 6 4 2

Hope you can understand this