WD vs Seagate

which is better…i’ve got a maxtor that needs to be replaced :bigsmile:

Personally I like Seagate - good warranty too. :slight_smile:

Still got a 6 year old Seagate up and running in another PC.

yeah 5 year warranty is pretty good :slight_smile: i’ll go for a seagate then…thanks

i’ve always been a seagate fan myself although I haven’t had the time to really do much research into how the seagate/maxtor merger is affecting seagates drives.

WD is also very good though, and I think they are starting to offer warranties that are competitive with seagate.

I think you’d do very well with either one of these brands, but seagate is still my favorite.

“Better” is a pretty vague idea. They each have very similar failure rates, and a plethora of models to choose from. If you’re talking about a system drive for OS and applications, there is nothing even comes close to the WD Raptor for low access times and multitasking ability.

seagate barracuda 7200.10s at the moment are the cream of the crop imo almost wd raptor like performances with out wd raptor prices and biggers capacitys seagates rma service IMO is next to none compare to wd the most friendly people there plus to mention u get free ghosting tools etc from them which isnt half bad :slight_smile:

There are good and bad with all brands. But i would go with a Seagate SATA if you can.

Yo Bob-

Agree 100% - I have both SATA and PATA Seagates - and they are extremely reliable-

Key to getting the best life outta [I]any[/I] hard drive is to defrag often IMO-eh!! :iagree: :iagree:

Did you say Raptor like performances, what does that mean? You cannot compare a 10,000RPM Hd with a 7,200RPM hd. Just my opinion.:disagree:

i find they transfer as quick cos of the perpendicular recording then the raptor ive ran benchies etc on them i know its no indication of real world performance , but an example with me is burning a disk at 18x the read buffers fluctuate loads on the raptor the seagate their smooth btw i operate my seagate in sata 150 mode too :slight_smile:

Faster rotation speed isn’t the only way to improve performance.

The Seagate perpendicular recording technology brings the data closer together (higher data density). The result is faster 7,200 RPM performance. Almost the same performance as (but not quite) the 10,000 RPM Raptor.

When price, data capacity and warranty are also considered, then there’s a definite advantage with the Seagate vs the WD Raptor.

Seagates are also extremely quiet.

Raptor’s are not for storage, so any comparsion with “regular” harddisks is pointless. I have a Seagate 7200.10 (altough PATA version) and i’m very happy with it.

If you want speed, you could use the combination of a 36 Gig Raptor (as system disk) and a Seagate for storage.

Exactly. But my vote is for the Seagate’s (they already have bought Maxtor anyway).

Posted by CDan
there is nothing even comes close to the WD Raptor for low access times and multitasking ability.

I could not agree more. Unless you have tried a Raptor you cannot really compare it. After using a WD RaptorX for about a year now, I do not think I could go back to a 7,200RPM Hdd.:iagree:

The low access times are due to several things, the RPM being one of them. The Raptor also has a superior head mechanism and smaller platters. (yes folks, there is an advantage to less volume)

Most people make the mistake of comparing transfer rates, which are not only useless for measuring a drive’s real performance, but will also vary hugely depending on circumstances. If you really want to compare drives, take a Raptor and any other drive and start burning 2 different DVD’s at 16x from each of them, see how far you get. But if you’re not multitasking a lot, you may never see the real benefits of a Raptor.

Both are pretty good. A few years ago, I would have recommended the
Seagate because they are quieter and more reliable than WD. I think
WD drives have improved to the point where there is little or no
difference between them. Buy the one with the longest warranty
and make regular backups, just in case…

Good Luck with the new drive.

I have also found when scanning files, like doing a defrag, it takes about 1/10 of the time that a 7.200RPM Hdds takes. The same for virus scans and others. I find the RaptorX a remarkable hdd and I really like it.:iagree:

Well I have no problem with Seagates but I think WD drives are quieter and run cooler. Cooler is better because cooler drives last longer. My WD drives with AAM enabled are virtually inaudible.

Samsung makes cool and quiet drives also.

You can find more info at silentpcreview.com and storagereview.com

i actually ordered a raptor 36gb just as my system drive and a 500gb seagate for storage :slight_smile:

Best of both worlds, nice one :smiley: