WD Scorpio WD2500BEVS AND Sony Vaio vgn-a790 notebook

Hello, Will the Western Digital 250gb internal hdd Model WD Scorpio WD2500BEVS fit and work in Sony Vaio vgn-a790 notebook.

                                  Thank, You

                                             Willie B

All laptop HDD’s have same formfactor; 2.5". :wink:
Depending on BIOS and chipset your lappy should be able to handle a drive of this size. Some mechanical knowledge is required to replace drive though.

And there’s PATA vs. SATA to consider. 250GB laptop drives are very new, so make sure you’re not getting a SATA model when your laptop is PATA (I don’t feel like googling myself right now :wink: ).

Good point Cressida, Sony VGN-A790 only supports [B]IDE[/B] drives. :slight_smile:
The drive [I]Willie B[/I] mentioned seems to be SATA.