WD Scorpio for 2006 Macbook Pro won't mount



Hi all,

So, I just bought the WD Scorpio 250 GB for my old MacBook Pro from 2006. I have the drive physically installed, but when I try to install Mac OSX, the os cannot find the drive.

I’ve been reading about Jumper settings, etc., but where can I get a jumper stunt? Is that what I need to get the thing working?

THe old hard drive in the unit is dead. It is a Serial ATA.

Thank you very much!



Your first problem is getting a Mac, but I’m sure the Apple Store can bring it up for a pretty Penny. HDD’s don’t have OS until you load them in, so you have to Boot up from your OS Disk, Format and Load OSX. If the OS Disk can’t find the HDD it’s not installed properly. SATA is straight forward so make sure all the connections are installed correctly. :cool:


haha thanks… figured it out… i had to format the drive. im not a techie, but sure is so much easier to use a Mac than a PC :slight_smile:

Thank yoU!