WD My Book Studio II temperature

[qanda]This thread is about the Western digital My Book Studio Edition II, 2 TB. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello everyone

i just got My Book Studio II 2TB yesterday, and after i got home i set it to RAID-1 and format it (full format using windows disk management)

i didn’t know whether i should just quick format or full format it, but since this is first format so, i am thought full format will be better than quick format

What supprise me, is after around 7 to 8 hours of formatting, the drive showing its temperature @50C on everest ultimate
the spec said the operating temperature is 35C MAX… when touching the case, indeed its just a bit warm and only top side of the case that got more heat
so i want to know whether this is normal or did i got faulty product ? or there something wrong with either monitoring software (everest) ?

thanks in advance

I’ve had an My Book Home edition (1TB) for more than one year. It does get a bit warm when working hard, but this has never caused a problem.

The drive will shut down when not being read or written to, so it never really gets that warm under normal use.

thank you for reply Dee

do you ever check your MyBook Studio temperature with monitor software Dee? (crystaldiskinfo or everest)
kinda its curious since after looking information on the web regarding WD Green drive should around 40C when working…

while its on RAID which didn’t showing each HardDrive temperature, but it’s temperature did rise up to 50C :confused:

Well working a 8 hour plus full format will get any drive rather warm, I think your temp will be much less in real time use.