WD My Book Essential + Windows 7

Hello all

I am having a booting issue with my WD My Book Essential External Hard Drive. The drive is recognized (Or some part is recognised in Device Driver USB) but I can not access the information on the External Hard Disk Drive. The External HDD does power up. I was wondering how I’d be able to access my information on this HDD? Any and all comments appreciated with helping me access my info

Have you tried accessing the data on another PC?

If it still cannot be accessed then either it’s a faulty USB enclosure or USB cable or the hard drive itself is faulty.

Thanks for rply IYgy…I have tried his External HD on another computer and it does not open…I see that it is being recognised by the laptop and computer but it does not open up…I have tried similiar USB cables ?..I just cannot access the info…I there any way to fix this…or is my dadat lost?

It could be a corrupted partition boot sector if the drive is ok but cant be read in windows. Usually caused by not unmounting the disk properly.

You could try ‘Testdisk’ which is a free download from the link below and follow the tutorial on the page for analysing lost partitions. I have fixed a few external USB hard disks this way.