WD MY Book 8TB strange sound



Hello, i bought wd my book 8 TB HDD but after connecting and during test HDD does very strange sound.

Third HDD after RMA does same strange sound, i asked wd agent if all 8TB HDD does such sound and he wrote:

“No, the drive should not make those sounds, our advise will be to connect the device with a different USB cable and see if the issue persists, if it does, then we will need to replace the device.”
I tried diferrent usb cable from my old My Book 4TB and 3TB but same result.

I would like to know i anyone got same HDD and can compare if HDD does such sound.

3rd new HDD RMA



2nd new HDD RMA




Sound like a HDD to me. Try finding a different surface to place it on, or add some soft padding under it.


Yeah, that sounds like the normal spin-up & seek sounds of a healthy drive.

The extended sound when you first turn on the drive is a normal internal seek test. It seems like the larger these drives get, the more thorough the self test gets, meaning a lot more noise.

And the rest of it all sounds like whatever test you’re running is doing different kinds of seek tests (random full disk seek, seeks to specific positions , and the like), then starts doing a sequential transfer test – hence the drive starting off making such a racket, then being quiet as the test slowly proceeds.

Some drives are just louder than others. See if CDan’s suggestion to put the drive on something soft (to absorb some of the vibration) helps make the noise more bearable. Or you might end up trying a drive from a different brand, though I expect them all to be somewhat noisy.


Hello thanks for reply i also made same test with My Book 4 TB and 3 TB on same surface and it doesnt make such sound also same test with soft Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for windows, no such strange sound.


It’s a different drive design. Different drive designs make different noises. But that is still normal.

Manufacturers can opt to have a drive be silent, loud, or in-between. (Rarely, in the past, this has been user-adjustable on some drives.) It seems WD designed this drive to be loud.

You can look on YouTube and listen to how different drives from the same manufacturer sound different. It’s neat.


You could try laying the case down on its side to see if its quieter.