Wd my book 2tb

hi I bought a western digital my book 2tb a few months back, last week it wouldn’t let me access it so I sent it back to them for repair, I have received it today but now I get a I/o error message? it shows up in the connected drives but I cant format or see the drive in drive manager etc?
can anyone help?:confused:

Hi md74,

Do you get the error message when you first attach the drive?

What does the error message say?

I assume the drive is attached via USB2 or USB3.

Regds, JR

hi it says system error I/o cant complete I have tried different ports usb 3 and 2 I have also tried to load swartware from wd but it says cant check drive?

It sounds to me as if the drive is still faulty and you should get back to WD.

Regds, JR

ok I think I will send it back