WD Green HDD?

I am thinking of buying a WD Green HDD and was wondering what are people experience in using them but not as raid but for extra storage space? I am thinking of either the 2tb green HDD WD or the 3tb green HDD WD. The 2tb is 80US and the 3tb is 150US. So for like 1tb more and 70US more I get the extra size. Would it be more worth going 3tb instead of 2tb cause I already have a 2tb black WD and it’s getting full but might have to do house cleaning on it eventually but like to have a more larger or same 2tb to keep more backups of my movies on it.


before you shop for a 3GB HDD, make sure your system (including storage controllers ans OS) can deal with HDDs larger than 2 GB.

I forgot: the price per GB is higher with the 3 GB drive. Add 10 USD and get 2x 2 GB instead. :wink:


Most green drives are OK for data storage, also i would prefer to have 2x2Tb drives over a single 3Tb.
Also you should first look if you motherbaord will support a 3Tb drive, as Michael said.

Bad part is all my 6 sata ports are taken up and had to get a pci-e card to use for my WD Black 2TB which works fine. The card is a marvell card. And I thought that as well that going 2tb green would be fine for the time being as the reason why the prior 2tb filled up was the moving of files from the other smaller drives to be stored onto the bigger drive so the rest of the network can share and access those drives easier. So @mciahel going 2tb green would be for now easier on my budget as well? As that is also a limiting factor I have to budget for such big purchases as other bills must be paid as well :doh:. But I will check back later again to see if that what route you think I should go first. I currently running W7x64sp1, Motherboard M4N72-E v.2403 bios.

Here is what Asus says: *Due to the Windows XP/ Vista limitation, the RAID array with the total capacity over 2TB cannot be set as a boot disk. A RAID array over 2TB can only be set as a data disk only.

But I have W7x64sp1 and all I am doing is data disk. I already have 320G as my main drive which is more then enough space for the root. But it sounds like I should for now go with 2tb green as it’s not too expensive through newegg or my local warehouse electronics seller as well like 79US.

find it hard to get excited about any 5400rpm hard drive

And what color they make the label doesn’t inspire me a bit…

the only currently active drive in my desktop system that isn’t a WD black is
the 500gb Hitachi I used to do the initial setup, this computer has been “up” for
only 8days.it is my first “pure SATA” system.

And UPS hasn’t delivered my New RE4 500gb drive yet.



If you only need a “green/eco friendly” drive for data storage, it would do a great job. I have three “green” drives (two samsung and a seagate) and they all do a great job storing all my movies. Installing an OS on these drives is sad story, and not really worth spending time.

The thing that bites me about the “green” drives is that they don’t use enough less power
to be concerned over the difference.

Like I said above my WD blacks use less power than the drives they replaced, by about 40%

So worrying about the 5-7% they don’t save…

If I want to save power on pure storage drives I’ll unplug the damned things rather than worry about the power they use during that 40min a week that they are actually running… There’s more than one way to be “green”

Giving MY “green” to someone else for a drive with a different colored label isn’t my idea of a good way to do it.

BTW, my active drives shut down after 10min of not being accessed

I can actually hear them spin up when I call for a file on one of the 750’s
So how much power are my drives using most of the time?


[QUOTE=AllanDeGroot;2593830]The thing that bites me about the “green” drives is that they don’t use enough less power
to be concerned over the difference.

Without real independent tester telling us that leaves only the manufacture specs to look at. Also you can’t tell me 3tb is bigger then 2tb black drive. And with the lower price 139 for both drives I wouldn’t blame anyone for going for the green 3tb drive. Cause your still getting 1tb more regardless if both are 139US. And since it just a storage drive I don’t have to fret about it being a boot drive or main.