WD 80GB HD w/ 8MB buffer - USA

At Curcuit City, Retail is $140, they’re offering $60 in savings and MIR.
This is ATA100, 7200rpm and 8MB cache.
Sale price: $120
MIR: $40
That makes it $1 per GB for a really FAST HD.

Too good. WD 2000JB for $330 including US shipping, btw.

BestBuy has that one too, I think there may be a rebate on it as well.

This sale is on again at Circuit City, $80 for 80GB, 8MB buffer.

Here’s the WD 200GB Special Edition with 8MB cache for $179 after $100 and $20 rebates!!


I bought the 100GB 8MB cache before and both BB rebates came through for me relatively fast.