WD 80GB HD only sees 6GB of free space. Help?



I just decided to install an older (FAT32) into my new WinXP computer. It is a dualcore AMD64 Athlon and I am pretty sure that there was data on it. But that is not my problem. My problem is that it is an 80GB HD and only 6GB show up and the only thing that is on it is a Presario Recovery icon. I used the convert process in Command Prompt to convert the drive to NTFS, but that did not free up any space. How can I get back the other 75GB of storage that should be on this HD. Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions!!


load up disk management which you will find in, control panel>Administrative Tools>computer management

you will then be able to see where all the space has gone.

You will also have the option of deleting or creating partitions and formatting them


Wow, fast reply, and correct suggestion!! I checked it out and realized that when I installed the HD, it actually created 2 Drives. 1 was the Recovery drive, which was only 5GB and the other was a different drive that has all the other files on it. Thank you so much for your help. This board is awesome!!!


no probs :wink: