WD 80 Gb internal hard drive for 79.99

in Best Buy, brand new 7200 rpm :slight_smile: 129.00 - 50.00 mail-in rebate…
sounds like a pretty good deal :slight_smile:

Originally posted by DeathVark
in Best Buy, brand new 7200 rpm :slight_smile: 129.00 - 50.00 mail-in rebate…
sounds like a pretty good deal :slight_smile:

Yeah thats a good buy if you can get any in stock, on top of that I have had many problems with mail in rebates. Companys lose your rebate or just dont know what your talking about. I hate mail in rebates.

That’s a damn good price. I recommend you call ahead to see if they have any in stock, and how many. I’m within 40 mi. of 3 different BB stores, and have even got them to check the other stores for items in stock for me, after calling one store. As for the mail-in rabates. I never had a problem with BB. I estimate I’ve taken advantage of 20 MIRs over the past 2 years with 100% success. It pays to make copies of everything you have to send in, though, just in case.

last week i checked BB had on-going promos :
50.00 for 60 GB, and 90 for 80 Gb WD HDD :slight_smile:
i just bought 100 !! Maxell CD-R for 5.00 after multiple rebates :slight_smile:
i’d say : NICE !!!:cool:

Figures, I just got my WD 40GB for $80 about 3 months ago.

This must be a regional thing. I just checked online, the drive is 134.99. I was in a local store 2 nights ago, they had a pile of the 80GB 7200RPM WDs, also 134.99. Last Saturday night, I paid 129.99, and the only recent rebates I see on the website are the $10 and $30 that require purchase by 12/7 (from last week’s ad).

I haven’t opened the drive yet, so if I find a better deal on a drive, I should have no trouble returning it.

Anybody know for sure what the return policy is on hard drives? The guy in the department said 14 days, but the cashier said 30, and the receipt says 14 for computers, notebooks, monitors, printers, but doesn’t single out any other computer products as exemptions to the 30 day return policy.

Should be 30 days for computer peripherals, period. I returned a CD burner on the 30’th day, 20 minutes before the store closed for the evening (no one procrastinates better than I do). You should have no problem, especially since the box was never opened (not that it should matter).

Per the sunday paper insert:
CompUSA has both the WD 80 and 160 on sale, with 8MB cache. both have instant rebates and MIR.