WD 750GB My Book on sale for 99.50 - Staples

WD 750GB My Book on sale for 99.50. Now this is another * you may or may not get lucky * thing. Some peeps say they have walked out the door with it for that price. good luck. Pretty sure the SKU is 701446.

Jeez… wonder why they are being moved out so cheaply? The model line is only about 6-9 months old and it has more connection options (1394, eSATA) than the Essential USB-only version priced a round $150 more.

I bought one of these 1.5 weeks ago at Newegg for what seemed like a great price of $179.99 w/free shipping. Yesterday I saw it at BB for $161.xx and was shocked to see such a low price… now $99.50 at Staples???

All I can say is it performs very quietly, has cool operation even during long transfers (when placed as recommended), and I’ve had no problems or read of problems from others regarding this item. I’d buy another without hesitation (and may do just that!) :slight_smile:

Transitioning to new 320GB platter drives?

The SKU 701446 is for the WDG1U7500N which is the USB only version that is being discontinued by Staples. I was not able to locate any in my area. What area are you located in?

Looks like the external HDD I was mentioning is the more expensive model. The WDG1U7500N model has a somewhat lower typical price but is still a fantastic deal at $99.50!

The reviews aren’t great for this model but I think external HDDs get a bad rap in general because most consumers don’t handle them properly. Ya’ gotta situate them where they will run cool, not drop them, and not unplug one from a running PC without properly removing it via the “Safely Remove Hardware” applet – to prevent possible data corruption.

Unless this drive at Staples is a total dog, it is hard to argue the value of a < $100 750GB HDD, especially when a bare OEM drive without an external enclosure is around $50 more…

i would hope that is “OK” to use for storage and what not. nothing to be used for demanding tasks. i really prefer internal HDDs myself. but wont pass up a good deal. really thinking about getting this one for my son.

YMMV. Your milage may vary. That is what they say on slickdeals, fatwallet, when it is hit or miss.