WC3 ORIGINAL (SecuRom) wont run!

I have WC3 (1.14) and it installs fine. When I try to run the ORIGINAL CD, it hangs in the ‘Launching Warcraft’ window. Why is this? Could it be…

  1. I have CloneCD, Blindwrite, Alcohol 120% (all latest) installed on my computer. Could WC3 be detecting one of them? I hear that SecuRom looks for these programs. If so, what can I do other than uninstalling these programs?

  2. Scratched CD?

  3. Some other software problem?

I am using Windows XP SP2 with all updates on a dual-core AMD and 2GB ram.

Its not my CD-Rom(s) since I tried both my Liteon 5232K and NEC 3520A.

I have now uninstalled CloneCD, Blindwrite, Alcohol 120% from my system and the game still wont boot. It runs fine on my other computer though. What is wrong? I am pretty sure that it worked initially before I installed the software but now it doesnt work.

Does WC3 store a record of the software on my computer somehow even though its all uninstalled now?