Ways to recover from bad bios flash?

Hi, I’m new to this forum. From the title, u can see that I’m trying to recover from a bad DVD bios flash. The drive is a Samsung SD 616Q F401 DVD rom. I used mtkflash to flash it with a bios I downloaded from etna. But met a problem and the DVD is unusable now and tried to reflash with original F401 bios but its still useless. Is there anyway to recover from a bad flash? I’ve tried reflashing with Sfdndos.exe from Samsung with the original F401 bios too but it gives the following error message.


So, I’m now stuck with a useless drive.

Please help if possible

Thanks and regards :confused:

Try this or this

Yes, they are for Lite-On drives, but when you’re desperate, you’ll try anything. But look on the bright side, if your Samsung’s dead, you can always pick up a Lite-On.:bigsmile: